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Nationwide Averages:

Download                         27.8Mbps

Ping                                    35.76 ms

Speed will depend on distance from tower, network load, and local Interference.

Compare to Satellite Internet

Because Unlimited should mean UNLIMITED

Blazing Hog



“Unlimited” High-Speed DATA

Online Gaming

Video Streaming in HD1080

Plug and Play

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Definition of unlimited

  1. lacking any controls: unrestricted unlimited access

  2. boundless, infinite unlimited possibilities

  3. not bounded by exceptions

1 – Both satellite internet companies have “throttling” – placing other customers on the fast lane while you wait if you exceed your plans data limit based on spot beam load.

Received our modem yesterday. We needed a little help from tech support getting started. Buddy was awesome! Knowledgeable and funny. So far Blazing Hog is much faster than our prior DSL!”

Mindy, PA

Just got my modem today. I am blown away. With just 2 bars of service, I am experiencing these results: ping 30-35; Download: 25-25 Mbps; upload 4-6 Mbps. This is a 500% (+) increase over satellite. I never thought I’d live to see the day. I even tried it out on the smart TV…I can stream!”

Colleen, OR

We moved out into the country and didn’t have good internet options for our son who is a gamer. Customer service is so awesome and was so informative!! Xbox Live is working great and we are very pleased so far!”

Heide,  IN

This company is a great way to get Internet if you in an Isolated area. The speed I’m getting is a constant, reliable 17+ Mbps, where I had unreliable speeds peaking at 3.2Mbps before they came along. The customer service is excellent with this company. To them, you are a customer, not a number!”

Tom, IL

Internet that travels